Amazing Canadian Laws

Amazing Canadian Laws Canada along with some legal laws also follows some funny and amazing laws. These laws are followed by the people because they feel that these laws are peculiar or some feel that they are very much minor to violate people's personal freedom. Some think that following these laws is a waste of time but they are a facet of Canadian law and hence must be followed. Here are some of the amazing Canadian laws 


  • It is illegal to climb trees according to one of the Canadian law. So, when a person is seen climbing a tree he has to pay legal penalties as it is an illegal action according to some people.
  • In Nova Scotia, any person is not allowed to water his garden grass in rainy season according to one of the laws.
  • In some areas of Canada it is the responsibility of the home owner to clean the snow in winter, if the home lies in a municipal area. Though they cannot clear the whole snow they have to clear the walkways and other civilian designated pathways.
  • Though training a parrot is common everywhere, in Oak Bay, British Columbia one has to train his pet parrot to whisper. If the parrots talks loudly you have to pay the fine of around $100.00.
  • It is not allowed to urinate publicly in some parts of Canada as this action displays the disrespect for your country and unclean habit.
  • In Montreal, it is strictly banned to wash your car in the street or park it in the driveway that gets blocked.
  • It is not allowed to eat ice-cream on Sunday on Bank Street in Ottawa.
  • It is illegal for a teen to walk with his untied shoe lace on the main street of Fort Qu'Appelle Quebec.
  • Every 5th song played on the radio in Canada should be of a Canadian citizen or singer.
  • Comic books that depict crime jokes or pictures are banned in Canada then may they be true crime stories or just a joke.

These are some of the funny and amazing Canadian laws which are followed by some people and avoided by others.

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