Aboriginal Law Courses In Canada

Aboriginal Law Courses in CanadaIn Canada, there are different laws and courts for Aboriginal people. Aboriginal people are overrepresented tragically and significantly in the prisons and criminal courts of Canada. But the special Aboriginal law grants certain rights to land and traditional practices. Also, there are different law schools in Canada which offer legal education and financial assistance to the students opting for legal career.


University of Toronto offers Aboriginal law program to the students opting for legal career. The first half of this course provides students with political, historical, theoretical and legal background to learn about the current relationship between the criminal justice system and Aboriginal people. While the second half of the course helps the students to learn about each step of the criminal justice process including judicial interim release, arrest, policing, parole and sentencing with the focus on Aboriginal people's issues. Moot - Advanced Aboriginal Studies Competitive Program is another program offered by Toronto which gives an opportunity to the students to learn and experience the Aboriginal constitutional and legal concerns and to participate in inter-university scholastic event to earn an academic credit.

University of Saskatchewan's Native Law Center offers the Program of Legal Studies for Native People (PLSNP) to the Aboriginal students from across Canada. It offers a Property law course along with PLSNP and supports the students for their complete academic career in order to succeed in law studies. The course starts in between mid to late May and continues for 8 weeks.

University of Western Ontario offers various courses to Aboriginal students like Business Law, International Human Rights, Negotiation and Mediation, Tax Law and Law and Social Welfare. Aboriginal issues are studied in the first year Constitutional Law course as core unit and then the senior students can opt for other aboriginal courses like Aboriginal Law which is advanced study of rights of aboriginals and treaties, Contemporary Issues in Aboriginal Rights focuses on major issues related to aboriginal rights, Kawaskhimon Talking Circle in which students research and make submissions related to aboriginal legal issue of national importance and Individual Research that gives a chance to complete major research and writing under the supervision of a faculty.

These universities also help the students with scholarships and awards to complete their education successfully for a degree program. Aboriginals in Canada get a chance to study their law system and work as legal professionals after the education.

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