How To Prepare For Law Entrance Tests

How to Prepare for Law Entrance TestA law entrance test in Canada includes Law School Admission Test (LSAT) which is administered by Law School Admission Council of Canada. This standardized, half day test is taken four times in a year at certified testing centers throughout the country and comprises of reading comprehension along with verbal and logical reasoning. A candidate can appear for this test only for three times in a two years period. It is compulsory to pass the test for getting admitted to law school in Canada. Here are some tips to prepare for the test -


  • Practice each section of LSAT on regular basis with weekly practice tests. It's a preparation for a marathon as said by many experts so avoid wasting time before the LSAT test.
  • It is best to prepare for the test in a group which will help you to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if one question is easy for your friend to answer and the same would be hard for you, you can take his advice to answer that question.
  • Avoid studying two-three sections at a time, it will confuse you. Start with a section that is more difficult for you and then study the question types and strategies related to it. After doing the final preparation for that section, you can start with the next one.
  • When you start solving the earlier question papers or practice tests, allot a time and try to finish the test in that time. This will help you to manage the time on main exam day to complete the paper in time.
  • After solving the test, get the paper checked from your coach or do it yourself. Find out the mistakes you made and work on them to avoid in the next test.
  • For giving the practice test, you must plan a proper schedule and create a test environment around you, so that you can easily concentrate on your test.
  • If you can't study by yourself for LSAT, join the coaching for it and share your views in the class about any question you are doubtful. Also, the coaches there will help you to solve your doubts.
  • While practicing the tests, avoid leaving any question and answering it falsely, though you don't know the correct answer because there is no penalty for getting a right answer.
  • If you can't study well at one place, find a place where you can concentrate on your preparation. You can study in libraries or in your own study place where no one will disturb you.
  • Don't surrender after solving many tests though you couldn't score well in those tests. Try to practice more tests further; it will help you to learn from your mistakes.

LSAT is an entrance test for law students to get admitted for the first year of law school and one needs lot of practice and hard work to pass it.

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