Osgoode Hall Law School

Osgoode Hall Law SchoolOsgoode Hall Law School, York University is one of the best universities in Central Canada. Ontario's first Chief Justice, William Osgoode, is the person after the name of this university. The law school was formed in 1889, which was the only certified law school till year 1957. An interesting fact a law aspirant must know is, Osgoode Hall Law School was the first one to start combined law and business degrees and also the law and environment studies degrees.


Queen’s University Faculty Of Law

Queen’s University Faculty of LawQueen's University Faculty of Law is amongst the smallest of Canada's top law schools. Every year, school takes only limited number of students. With this approach, they can focus on each student and help him learn better. Most of the students of Queen's University live near to the campus and share many activities going around in the campus. The university has the one of the best articling placement ratio compared to other law schools.


University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law

University of Ottawa Faculty of Common LawWith an array of benefits for law professionals, many students are willing to make career in law. It might be difficult task to choose the best school from so many schools providing some or the other facilities. The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law provides its students with some unique benefits. It is the only law school which allows students to study Common Law in French or English or both.

University of Ottawa provides following programs- JD, Combined Programs, Graduate Studies in Law, Law and Social Justice, Environmental Law, Law and Technology and also International Law.


University of Western Ontario - Faculty of Law

University of Western Ontario - Faculty of LawUniversity of Western Ontario is among those law schools in Canada who have a large number of professors with a doctorate degree. Studying with the help of such qualified professors is indeed a very great opportunity. The Western Law School believes to produce national and international leaders in the field of law.

Programs offered by Western Law are- JD, Combined Programs, International Exchange and Graduate Programs.


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