McGill University Faculty Of Law

McGill University Faculty of LawMcGill University Faculty of Law was established in the year 1848, and is successfully producing excellent law graduates every year. The graduates from this university have served many courts in Canada including the Supreme Court and some have even achieved higher positions in academic and businesses. Professors of the university play an important role in building a perfect career for students.


Laval University Faculty Of Law

Laval University Faculty of LawOne of the oldest institute in North America, Laval University have graduated students in field of law, arts, pharmacy, theology, philosophy to name a few. The history of university is tied to the province of Quebec and is recognized to preserve the influence of French in North America. An interesting fact about the university is that, the alumni consists of the politicians of Canada including- Senators, Federal Cabinet Ministers, Prime Minister of Canada, Supreme Court Justices and some other. Acquiring a law degree from a university which has such a strong list of alumni is surely a great opportunity.


Université Du Québec À Montréa - Faculty Of Science, Politics And Law

Université du Québec à Montréa - Faculty of Science, Politics and LawUniversité du Québec à Montréa (UQAM) is a French university and a complete public university situated in Montreal, Canada. This university is ranked amongst the top research universities in Canada. The Quebec province practices civil law system for private matters and so the university offers degrees in civil law.

The Faculty of Science Politics and Law provides - Bachelor of Laws, BA in International Relations and International Law, Certificate in Employment Law and Labor, Master of Laws, Doctorate of Laws and Additional training in law.


University Of Sherbrooke Faculty Of Law

University of Sherbrooke Faculty of LawThe University of Sherbrooke along with its Faculty of Law was founded in the year 1954. The Estric region of Quebec has University of Sherbrooke as one amongst the two, and the only French language university. It is the first university to provide Masters in Business Administration in French language.

The Faculty of Law provides programs like - bachelors, masters, postgraduate and postdoctoral.


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