Non-Law Related Careers In Canada

Non-Law Related Careers in CanadaLegal education is considered to be a widespread overall training in skills which are manageable to new areas. For instance, if a candidate specializes in undergraduate program and couples it with the law degree can become competitive advantage according to the prospective employer's point of view within that field. Though a student is not interested in law practice there are many other career options which he/she can go for. Here are some of the non-law related careers which one can opt for.


  • Journalist - Journalism is a dynamic career in which individuals get a chance to learn and research about the social affairs and remain updated. Lawyers or law professionals have an opportunity to work in the journalism field after practicing for some years. During their law career students get to research and refine their writing and communication skills which are compulsory for a journalist. But still students need to undergo training to become a journalist.
  • Publishing Editor - Publishing editors can work in two categories - periodicals and books. May the individual work as editor for books or periodicals he should posses good writing and organizational skills. Editor also needs to communicate properly with the staff, authors and their readership. Candidates interested in this field must undertake courses related to writing, research and intellectual property and can start working as assistant editors.
  • Business Consultant - Business consultants are the people who help in the development and management of business. They assist the clients to insert new techniques in their business to bring it at the top in the competitive market. Emerging business trends, developing business strategy and launching new products are some of the issues on which the clients are assisted by the consultants. Lawyers along with business consulting advice the clients on tax and legal implications of specific business decisions. Candidates can opt for corporate law, labor law and tax law courses if they want to become business consultants. Also, they must be familiar to the business in which they are interested and must also have solid legal background.
  • Sports Agent - Sports agent helps to market products related to athletes or athletes to promote their career. He/she receives some amount from athlete's playing and endorsement contract. A sports agent has to communicate with the coaches, managers, team owners are other sports related people. Candidate choosing this as a career must have the ability to over work and substantial time management skills. He/she can apply for the related certification course and work as a sports agent.
  • Lobbyist - A lobbyist helps to influence the government official's decisions for enacting legislation that would benefit their group. Being a regulated industry, lobbying involves more than convincing leaders. Lobbyists working as professionals attend congressional hearings, research and analyze legislation or regulatory proposals and educate corporate officers and government officials on important issues. They also help in changing public opinion by influencing 'opinion leaders' or though advertising campaigns. Students interested for lobbying career can take courses related to advocacy and participate in moot court competitions.

Students who have taken a law degree can undergo certain certification courses to work on non-law related positions.

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